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Crazy WorkLife App Review Legit Or SCAM?

Crazy WorkLife App Review Legit Or SCAM? - Crazy WorkLife App Review Legit Or SCAM? – This time we discuss a game application that was just released a few days ago and is getting more and more popular among people who are looking for free money.

For this game, it's called Crazy WorkLife Money Maker, and it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times and has a 4.4-star rating.

This game is very easy to play, it can not only be entertained in your spare time, but also make money.

The reason is, you will get coins in this Crazy WorkLife money-generating Application to be exchanged for e-wallet balances.

For more complete information about the trending Crazy WorkLife Money Making Application, you can refer to the following information.

About Crazy WorkLife Apk Money Making App

Crazy WorkLife Apk is a money-making game application that is currently viral because of its many fans, hunters for free money from the internet.

The Crazy WorkLife developer has claimed that the game made by him can become a money-making application without capital for its users.

From how it works in this money-making application, it's still simple, just tap the screen and later you will get a gift box that contains coins or gems.

So, with these gems, you can later turn them into money to be withdrawn to your E-Wallet account.

However, at the beginning of its use, you cannot see the money withdrawal menu in this Crazy WorkLife Money Making Application.

So, to find the withdrawal menu, you have to complete 3 tasks, including registering, playing spins, and claiming the prize box.

How to Register and Download Crazy WorkLife Apk

Of course, it will be very easy to get this money-making application because it is already on the Playstore.

You just need to open the Playstore and search by entering the keyword "Crazy WorkLife" right in the search box provided.

Once you find the app, you can click to install it on your android device.

The file size of the Crazy Worklife Application developed by BoomSoft Studio Developer is quite small, which is only 27 MB.

Now, after you have successfully installed the Crazy WorkLife Money Making Application on your android, then you can use it immediately without having to complete the account registration stage first.

Because the registration process will be carried out later when you want to make a balance withdrawal process or withdraw. The registration method is by using a Facebook or Gmail account.

How to Make Money in the Crazy WorkLife Apk Application

How to get money in the Crazy WorkLife Money-Making Application, is quite simple and there is no need to make a deposit.

The main mission that you need to complete to be able to make money from this Crazy WorkLife Money-Making App is to open the balance withdrawal menu.

You can open the balance withdrawal menu by clicking the menu with the gift box icon.

Next, you will complete 3 tasks, namely bind account (register), Spin n Win, and open gift box.

To play the spin n win game you have to play the spin 7 times and open the rewards box by completing the main task by tapping the screen until it is full of energy.

If you complete the task, you will automatically find a withdrawal menu.

So for your next task, which is to collect as many coins as possible so that you can immediately exchange them for money later.

So that you can get even more coins, you can invite friends, and you can also enter your friend's invite code to receive additional coins.

How to Withdraw from the Crazy WorkLife Apk Money-Producing Application

As we explained above, withdrawing money from the Crazy WorkLife Apk Money-Producing Application can be done using an E-Wallet.

  1. Well, here are the steps to withdraw from the Crazy WorkLife Apk Money-Making Application:
  2. Click the Withdraw menu.
  3. Choose a withdrawal method.
  4. Check the box provided and then press the OK button.
  5. Then enter the e-wallet account.
  6. Then select the nominal balance you want to withdraw.
  7. Finally, you can press the Redeem Now button.
  8. OK. 
The minimum amount to withdraw balance from this game application is IDR 5000 or equivalent to 5000 coins and you can wait about 7 working days.

Are Crazy WorkLife Apps Paying and Safe to Use?

Based on the information that has been spread on social media, many news reports say that the Crazy WorkLife application has been proven to pay off.

However, we are still not convinced by some of the existing statements, maybe you can immediately try to prove it yourself if you are still curious.

As long as there is no deposit plan, it can still be said that the app is safe to use.

However, in general, money-making applications like this don't last long or don't pay forever. It could have been a SCAM Money-Making Crazy WorkLife App in no time.

Final Words

That's the review about Crazy WorkLife Application Review, Legit Money Making, Or SCAM?. Hope it is useful.

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