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Is CUiT Scam Or Legit? Here's the review

Is CUiT Scam Or Legit? Here's the review

Pixxma - Recently our social media is enlivened by the emergence of a new application by the nation's children called the CUiT Application. This application is a social media application similar to tiktok that provides equal opportunities to all content creators throughout Indonesia to earn income from their work.

The CUiT application has many ways and features to get cuan such as Quest, Campaign, and Referral. Of the many choices, Referral is the most prima donna of cuan seekers.

How not, just by inviting your friends or close relatives to download the CUiT application, you can get money for free up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah which depends on the number of invitations distributed.

After you spread a lot of invitations and feel that the income is enough, of course you want to withdraw the income to be disbursed into the account. There are still CUiT users who have problems withdrawing funds from their accounts. 

These obstacles led to the assumption of many of its users that this CUiT application was a scam. Surely you don't want to experience this, do you?! Yuk! Check out the tips and tricks for withdrawing funds at CUiT below:

Make sure you have a minimum balance of IDR 15,500

To make a withdrawal in the CUiT application, you must have a minimum balance of IDR 15,500 in your account. At the time of withdrawal, CUiT will withdraw an admin fee of Idr 5,500. So, if you make a withdrawal of funds with a minimum value, then the funds that will come in are worth Rp. 10,000.

Make Sure You Have Provided Withdrawal Data Correctly

When you want to withdraw funds in the CUiT Application, you must enter the required data such as mobile phone number and withdrawal account number. This data needs to be completed correctly so that the funds you withdraw do not stray into other accounts.

Input the Nominal Amount of Income You Want to Withdraw

After the previous two stages are completed, you can directly withdraw funds in the CUiT Application. Remember yes, make sure the amount you input does not exceed the amount of balance in your account.

Withdraw Your Funds, Withdrawal Process Will Take a Maximum of 2 Hours Of Work From The Time of Withdrawal

If you have finished withdrawing funds, then you just sit sweetly while scrolling the timeline in the CUiT Application. Your funds will enter the account within a maximum of 2 hours from the time of withdrawal in business hours.

Well, now you already know how to withdraw income from the CUiT application. How, pretty easy, right? Make sure the steps above you do it right and right, yes!

This CUiT application will pay and send rupiah that you disburse or exchange. However, if you are still experiencing problems in the CUiT Application, please open the CUiT Learning Center feature.

According to reviews from its users, the CUiT App is paying correctly. And until the time this article was published, the CUiT Application is still released.

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