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Green Energy App, Is It Really Proven to Pay?

Green Energy App, Is It Really Proven to Pay?

Green Energy App, Is It Really Proven to Pay? - There are so many money-making applications that we can find, one of which is called the Green Energy application. Indeed, the name is not so familiar to the ear, but at least this application provides a lot of excitement when you try to play it.

You could say, this apk has just been released so not many people know about it. There are so many advantages that you will get when trying this apk. Like other money-making applications, here you will also work on various interesting missions.

So, what exactly is this Green Energy application, how to play it and what will you get? Let's look at the following explanation to make it easier to understand.

About the Money-Making Green Energy App

This Green Energy Apk is a money-making application whose model is like an investment. You have to choose between green vehicles or electric vehicles to run the game and earn.

But besides that, there are also several other ways that you can try so that you can quickly collect money in the apk. But beforehand, make sure you are already registered as a member of the Energy Green application and already have an account in it.

How to Register on Energy Green Money Maker Apk?

Usually, how to register on this kind of application is not so difficult. Of course, what must be prepared is none other than a mobile number and also an active email address. As for the registration, it is as follows.

Search for the Green Energy application on Google and enter its official website (

Immediately apply for registration either by phone number or by email.

After entering the phone number or email you are using, click the Send option on the Right section to get a verification code.

Just enter the verification code into the field provided.

Make a password that is simple and easy for you to remember so that it is not complicated. Confirm the new password by re-typing it in the existing field.

Then click on the registration button at the very bottom and now you have your own account to play The Green Energy Money Maker apk.

How to Earn on Green Energy App

When you first register as a member, you will be given a balance of 100 thousand which can be used to play investments. Then you will get an income of 1,000 rupiah per day for 200 days which if totaled everything becomes 200 thousand income that you earn.

But besides that, there are also other ways that can be done to accelerate the acquisition of these money. These methods include:

1. Work on Other Missions

There are other special missions that have been provided so that you can get additional income. The mission is to enter the official group of the Energy Hijau application and get 2,000 rupiah, share via WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook where you will get a commission of 1,000 each for each of these social media.

2. Daily Check-in on the App

Some applications do provide a daily check-in menu which later after successful check-in can get an additional commission of 1,000 rupiah per day. Indeed, this nominal is quite small, but if you collect and do all the missions, the prizes you get can be large.

3. Carry out the Main Mission

The main mission that must be done from this application is to invest in green vehicles. Where each green vehicle is priced at a special price. For a price of 200 thousand, you will get a daily profit of 6,000 rupiah and work on it for 200 days.

There are also those whose engines cost 600 thousand, 1 million, 6 million and so on. Of course, with different and much larger daily profit nominals. The results you will get will be even more.

Terms of Withdrawing Money on Green Energy App

If you have made money from this application, then please immediately withdraw it to your existing bank account. Of course, for withdrawal there are special conditions that must be met.

The minimum withdrawal nominal is 100,000. Then an admin fee of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged. Withdrawal can only be done through the bank account you have.

Is Energy Green Money Maker Apk Proven to Pay and Safe?

After reading the explanation above, of course you know that to be able to make money from this apk, you must make a deposit in order to do the main mission.

There is no further information because the application itself is still new, so if you want to try, you should choose the smallest deposit amount first to avoid disappointment.

That's a glimpse of the money-making Green Energy app. May be useful

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