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IQ Trade App Money Maker PayIng Or SCAM?

IQ Trade App Money Maker PayIng Or SCAM?
IQ Trade App Money Maker PayIng Or SCAM?

IQ Trade App Money Maker PayIng Or SCAM? – Hello buddy, this time the admin will review the latest money-making application that is quite popular on youtube channels and on facebook social media.

Well, the name of the app is none other than IQ Trade Apk money maker. Judging from the name, it seems that this is a trading platform.

But in order to know the complete work system, please read the discussion below to the end, my friend.

What Is IQ Trade Apk?

IQ Trade is a trading tool or trading platform that will later generate dollars for you.

You can play for free on this IQ Trade Apk because the registration bonus balance has been given when you officially become a new user.

However, to use the IQ Trade Apk you have to access the website because there is no version of the application published on google playstore yet.

How to Register on IQ Trade App

To be able to use this money-making IQ Trade App you have to register an account first, here are the steps:

  1. Please open the website using the following link (m
  2. Then enter the requested data, such as email and so on.
  3. Then you will get a verification code and you must enter it in the column provided.
  4. After that, please enter the password
  5. Finally, click on the list
  6. Finis

After the registration process is complete, you will be taken to the home page where you can see the bonus balance of USD 0.3 or the equivalent of IDR 5000.

How to Earn Money from IQ Trade Apk App

You can earn money from this IQ Trade Apk App through the trading games offered in its main menu.

Where you can play the trade for free first using the registration bonus that you previously received.

But if you want to play in the premium version then you have to deposit the balance because the income level will of course be greater.

How to play, you just have to select the green or red button below the trading chart and you can choose the duration of 1 minute.

As with playing trading in general, if you are lucky then you will get a profit or profit.

In this IQ Trade Apk you can also find the Invite Friends feature in My Menu. You can use this feature to increase referral commissions.

How to Withdraw Money on IQ Trade Apk App

The steps you have to do to be able to withdraw money from the IQ Trade Apk Application are as follows:

  1. Login to IQ Trade Apk App 
  2. Then go to my menu
  3. Select the withdraw menu and fill in your bank account data
  4. Specify the name and bank account according to what you have
  5. Then enter your account number
  6. Finally, click confirm
  7. Done

In addition to using a bank account, you are also allowed to use withdrawal methods via Dana or Gopay.

The minimum withdrawal amount available on the IQ Trade Apk is $5, so if your balance is still insufficient, you will not be able to make a withdrawal.

Is IQ Trade Apk Really Paying and SCAM?

Judging from the testimonials of several users and YouTubers, it turns out that someone has managed to cash out their money.

While it can't be guaranteed that IQ Trade Apk will last long to pay its users, sam is just like its predecessor app.

So, make sure you are not careless when making a deposit because it can be said that this IQ Trade money-making application is not safe (it could be a SCAM in the near future).

The Bottom Line

That's the result of the review of IQ Trade App Money Maker PayIng Or SCAM?. Hope it is useful, well.

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