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Selly Apk App Legit Money Maker Or Scam?

Selly Apk App Legit Money Maker Or Scam?
Selly Apk App Legit Money Maker Or Scam?

Not long ago there was a money-making application to DANA of 30,000 rupiah which was again viral, namely the Selly Apk Application.

Interestingly, new users without the need to spend a lot of time to complete account registration and free ID card verification can immediately get 30,000 rupiah for free.

And not only that, there are many more task missions offered to users to be able to make even more money.

Because in this money-making Selly Application, a total reward of Rp. 200,000 has been provided to be claimed through four different missions.

Well, If you are interested in trying the Selly app, please read more information below.

Selly Money Maker App Review

The Selly app is a complete keyboard that helps online sellers such as being able to check postage, reply to chats with automatic texts, be able to order couriers and provide payment services.

And apparently, the Selly application is one of the applications made by online ojek applications that are already very popular in Indonesia, namely Gojek.

Currently, the Selly Application is again holding an event with prize money, so you can make this application a source of income that only has a cellphone and an internet connection.

What is clear is that the Selly application has been officially released on the playstore and you can get it easily without any purchase costs.

How To Download Selly Money Maker App

For those of you who are already interested in using this Selly Money Making Application, you can open the Playstore right now and start downloading the application.

Enter the name of the application in the search field, and once you find the application, you just need to install it on the device you are using.

If you want to download Selly Money Making App in a simpler way, you can use the download link below.

Selly Money Maker Apk Download Link

After that, you can continue the registration process to start earning money from the event that is being held.

How to Register an Account in the DANA Balance Generating Selly Application

To complete the account registration process for the Dana balance generating Selly Application is very easy, you can see and follow the steps below:

  1. Open and run the selly App on your smartphone
  2. Then press the Register button
  3. Then you enter your username & store name
  4. Next, please enter a valid cellphone number or email
  5. After that create a password with unique characters
  6. Finally, you hit the menu create an account selly
  7. Finish 

After the registration process above has been completed, the Selly application will send you a verification link via phone number or email.

How To Make Money From Selly App Apk

You can earn money by following the latest events in this Selly apk application and get Rp 200,000 for free.

The tasks that you need to complete to make money from the Selly Apk App are as follows:

  1. You can open the main menu and select Create Invoice (billing). You can make three bills worth Rp100,000 for each bill and then get 30,000 rupiah for free.
  2. The next task you can complete is the courier challenge, which requires you to use the delivery service feature five times to make as much as 50,000 rupiah.
  3. Another task is the challenge to upgrade payments at Bosco, after successfully upgrading the payment later you will get free cash worth 50,000 rupiah.

Is Selly Apk Money Making App Safe and Paying?

Based on the research data that we have done through reviews and tests from its users, the Selly Apk Money Maker Application can be categorized as safe because it opens part of the Ponzi application and Money Game.

And some users have already managed to withdraw the balance from this Money Making Selly Apk App and log in to their DANA account.

But you need to understand that the income system in this application is only an event. So, when the event held is no longer running then you can no longer earn money from this Selly Apk Money Making Application application.

The Bottom Line

Thus the review information of Selly Apk Legit Money Maker Or Scam Application that you can know Hopefully useful.

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