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BTC Linked Money Maker App Is Safe and Proven to Pay?

BTC Linked Money Maker App Is Safe and Proven to Pay?
BTC Linked Money Maker App Is Safe and Proven to Pay?

Who doesn't like it if playing games is then paid with a certain amount of balance. Surely everyone yearns to play in an easy application and can earn quickly. The BTC Linked money-making app is one that you can try at home.

Through this application, you can collect coffers of coins which can later be exchanged into rupiah balances. Of course, it's not for free, aka you have to do a number of tasks first and then the coins will enter your account balance. A number of missions have also been prepared so that you don't get bored playing in this application. 

About BTC Linked Money Maker App

From the name, maybe you also already know that this application is related to bitcoin and the like. Here you only need to do tasks or play a game combining coins that are the same number and then your balance will increase.

In addition, there are also other tasks that can be done and of course also generate profits as well. Just to be able to play you have to download it first and create an account on this BTC Linked application.

Download BTC Linked Money Maker App

When it comes to downloading, take it easy and don't have to worry about its security. Because this application is very safe because it only downloads it on the Play Store. This application has been updated to be better since April 2022 so that you can have a pleasant gaming experience.

Look for the name BTC Linked in the Play Store search engine, and when you find it then you can immediately press Install and wait for the download process to finish. Usually this download process only takes a few minutes, and the application will be automatically installed on your phone.

How to Earn Money on BTC Linked Money Making App

About how to get money in this application, you can try it in several ways as follows.

1. Playing a Coin Merge Game

As explained above, playing games combining coins is indeed the first choice that you can try in this application. Then later the balance will increase by itself if you succeed in the game. One thing that is certain is that to get an additional balance, sometimes you also have to watch ads first.

2. Collect Puzzle Coupons

Collecting puzzle coupons can also make a profit for you. Usually after successfully collecting puzzle coupons according to what is specified, then you will get special rewards from this application. 

3. Play The Turntable

The next way to make the additional balance more is none other than playing a turntable. Then the balance will increase by itself if you manage to win this one task. Watch existing ads so that the balance increase is not constrained. 

4. Try Daily Check-in

Most money-making apps do provide additional balance if you do a daily check-in mission. This is something natural, so don't forget to log in to the application every day and look for this daily check-in feature so that the additional balance in the account will be even more.

How to Withdraw BTC Linked Money Maker App

Withdrawals on this BTC Linked application are simply by looking for the withdraw menu and follow the steps properly and correctly. Don't forget to enter your e-wallet number correctly so that your money can enter quickly. Apart from e-wallets such as DANA and OVO, you can also make withdrawals via Bitcoin.

The coins that must be collected are at least 15,000,000 in order for you to make cash withdrawals to digital wallets. As long as you keep playing and consistently do many of the tasks above, then you can quickly get a larger amount of coins. 

Btc Linked App Is Proven to Pay?

There are still not many who know and play this application, so if asked whether the application is proven to pay or not, you should try it yourself. At least the interesting thing about BTC Linked apk money maker is that you don't need to deposit anything.

Because, some of the applications encountered require users to deposit a certain amount of money in order to play and get a balance. The BTC Linked app is very free and original and does not require users to deposit. It's just that there are indeed quite a lot of advertisements and you have to watch them.

Those are some brief explanations about the BTC Linked money-making application. Hopefully it will be useful in the future.

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