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Star Mall Money Maker App, Right Pay?

Star Mall Money Maker App, Right Pay?
Star Mall Money Maker App, Right Pay?

Pixxma - Star Mall Money Maker App, Right Pay? The ease of making money by relying on applications is undeniable. An online system that makes everything easy to do from home. There is one application that is still new and you can try, its name is none other than the Star Mall application that makes money.

This one application is not much different from another money-making app. Where you need to complete missions and other tasks to earn money. Later there will be a balance that goes to the account if you successfully complete the tasks in question.

What Is A Trusted Money-Making Star Mall App?

Actually, instead of an application, it is more suitable if it is called a money-making website. Because You can also play Star Mall through a browser, whether it's Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini, and so on. However, Star Mall is also available in the form of an application that you can download if you want. It's just that, download it via a special link because it's not on the Play Store or App Store.

You will get a balance of 20,000 if you successfully register in the application. Of course, the balance can be entered immediately, it's just that it can't be withdrawn unless it has met the minimum withdrawal limit. So, you have to do the mission first to make enough money so that it can be withdrawn immediately.

How to Register in the Star Mall Money-Making App

For registration matters, it is not so difficult, especially when it only requires a mobile phone number. Here are the steps you must take to immediately become a user of this money-making application.

  1. Search for the keywords of the Money-making application Star Mall on Google, then enter its website (
  2. Enter the active mobile number, then your name, and don't forget to create a unique but easy-to-remember password.
  3. Confirm the password you have created.
  4. Copy and paste the unique code in the fields provided.
  5. Enter the invitation code aka referral code if you have one.
  6. Click the Register button in the application and wait for the process until your account is finished. Usually, it doesn't take long and only takes a few minutes.

How to Do a Mission in the Money-Making Star Mall App

What are some missions or tasks that can be done to benefit money from this application? Let's look at some of the options so that you can do the missions correctly.

1. Working on Order Tasks

You can join and work on order tasks as the main mission of the Star Mall application. Doing so can be done for free or some levels require you to deposit a certain amount. The task of this order must also be completed immediately at least 240 hours from the time the mission is given.

2. Invite Friends to Join the Star Mall App

The next mission you can do is none other than to invite friends. Where later you have to share a banner or poster containing a link/invitation code. If your friend decides to join, then you will also get a special commission. The more friends who join, the more commissions will be generated.

Terms to Withdraw Star Mall Money-Making Application

Withdrawing or withdrawing money in a money-making application called Star Mall can be done as long as you have met the conditions. The conditions proposed are as follows.

  1. Make sure to meet the minimum withdrawal amount, which is 100,000 rupiah.
  2. Choose one of the withdrawal methods, namely bank accounts, DANA, Go-pay, Shopeepay, LinkAja, and also OVO.

Don't forget to enter your name, number, or bank account so that the withdrawal process is not mistaken for someone else's account. Terms to Withdraw Star Mall Money-Making Application

Star Mall Money Making App Is Really Safe?

As far as searching from various sources, there is not much information about the payments that this application makes to users. This is probably because the application is still very new. In addition, this application also requires you to deposit so that the use of the application is more optimal and the profits obtained are more.

However, if you have any objections to making a deposit, then that is not a problem. At least you can try the free one first from this money-making Star Mall application.

The Bottom Line

That's enough information about the Star Mall Money Making App Is Really Paying or Not. Hope it is useful.

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